Meet the Team

SEL for Ohio Co-founders

Jennifer Smith Miller M.Ed

SEL4 OH Co-founder and SEL consultant and author, Confident Parents, Confident Kids

Pamela McVeagh-Lally

SEL4 OH Co-founder and Founding Partner, SEL Consulting Collaborative

SEL for Ohio Leadership Team

Agenda Bonner M Ed., M.A., LPSC

School Counselor,
Sandusky City Schools

Angela Ervin, Ed.D.

Director of Student Services, Groveport Madison Schools

Michelle Grimm M.Ed

President of the Ohio School Counselor Association and
High School Counselor for Dover City Schools.

Juanda Jones M.S.E

Social Emotional Support Specialist, Columbus City Schools

Maya Dorsey M.A.

Learn to Earn Dayton,
Director or Equity and Collaborative Impact

Robert E. Kelly M.Ed

Center for Social-Emotional Learning, Cincinnati

Pat Lowry M.A.

Senior Advisor
U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio

Dennis Muratori M.Ed

Huron City Schools

Rochonda L. Nenonene, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor & Founder,
Co-Program Director Urban Teacher Academy, University of Dayton

Lynn Ochs M.S.

Senior Director,
Education Programs Mayerson Academy, Cincinnati, Ohio

Jessica Davies

Director of SEL,
Montgomery County ES

Chris Ondrus M.Ed

Executive Director of Student Services,
Dublin City Schools

Sharon Willis

Elementary Counselor,
Sandusky City Schools

Wendy Sadd M.Ed

Manager of Educational Partnerships, Ohio
Center for the Collaborative Classroom